Simple nutrition care program in hospitals could help reduce patient … –

While proper nutrition is vital to staying healthy, its importance becomes more critical for patients recovering in the hospital. A new study by Advocate Health Care and Abbott found...

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Cornell Food Science declares 'Freedom of Peach' delicious … – Cornell Chronicle

Lindsay France/University Photography The team that created Freedom of Peach on stage at the annual Students in Food Science ice cream competition. Students in Food Science 1101, in order...

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Why Republican health reform ideas are likely to fail – Politico

Obamacare is squarely in the cross hairs of the incoming Trump administration and congressional Republicans: Both the president-elect and Republican congressional leaders have said they plan to repeal and...

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Ancient plants in Israel give clues about real 'Paleo' diet – Fox News

Euryale ferox, from the water lily family, is one of several plant species that are considered extinct in Israel and the Levant region and were found in excavations in...

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