Our Passion

Food Educator was born out of a passion to create, share, educate people and discuss food issues across the world. Food is the first medicine and the first line of defense against disease. This page will increase your desire for better foods and educate you on good nutrition.

About Us

The Food Educator site shares news, stories and other relevant information about the food industry and news that foodies are passionate about. Some of the information is dedicated to food entrepreneurs concerning how to buy a food business, how to open a restaurant, regulations to be followed, valuation of a food business, certificates to be obtained and many more.

Our Future

In the immediate future we intend to add a job blog, where students of food science or other related fields can find new jobs that are posted online.

Our Promise

The site is full of promise and expanding by the day, so take the time to check us out again at foodeducator.com. Suggestions are welcome. If there are stories you are passionate about, join our facebook or twitter page and connect with us or drop us an email at info@foodeducator.com.


Positions are also open for food writers. So up and coming foodies and foodistas, educators in academia, professionals in the food industry, owners of food businesses as well as students of food science, hop on and be a part of something BIG!

Our Services

We offer a variety of services currently:

Literature Review Writing: We write literature review for academics in food science departments, food companies, research directors and research and development teams. You can contact us here.

Food Writing Services: We specialize in writing blog posts, white papers and website content based on food. We also provide the right photography to go with it.

Food Analytics: Get an overview of product news, current publications in research and industry. We curate the most important news, trends and information affecting your industry.

Research Design: We provide research design and methodological support to students, researchers, businesses and small and medium scale food companies across across the United States.

Nutritional Labeling Consulting: We will ensure that the myriad of USDA regulations, policies and unwritten expectations are met.

About foodeducator


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