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The owners of a new business in Chardon have their sights set on serving the community by offering options for healthy lifestyles.

Lisa Burgett and Mary Nemecek are co-owners of emPOWER UP Nutrition which opened on Oct. 7 at 105 South St. on Chardon Square, the space formerly occupied by Travel Encounters.

“This spot seemed to be cozy and quaint. We wanted something we could match with the community of Chardon,” Nemecek said.

Described as a Herbalife nutrition club, EmPOWER UP sells dozens of smoothies, teas, bars and other items claiming to be healthier alternatives to diets filled with fast foods and other less than beneficial nourishment.


Patrons may order up and drink their beverages at the smoothie bar and tables inside the establishment, or purchase products to make them at home.

Popular smoothie flavors include chocolate/peanut butter/banana and peanut butter/jelly. Cross maple infusion, in honor of Chardon’s maple syrup heritage, is planned to be offered soon.

Burgett and Nemecek explained the health benefits of their shamrock smoothie by comparing it to another similar beverage offered by a well-known fast food chain.

EmPOWER UP’s shamrock smoothie contains 150 calories and far fewer grams of fat and sugar compared to the same 20-ounce shamrock beverage at the fast food chain which tallies up to 750 calories.

“We’re fast food for smart people,” Nemecek said.

Burgett, who grew up in Madison Township and now lives in Montville Township, and Nemecek, of Mentor, became familiar with the EmPOWER UP Nutrition while seeking to lose weight.

After using the products and patronizing the Mentor store at 7659 Mentor Ave., Burgett, who still works as a bus driver for Mentor Schools, claims she dropped 42 pounds.

“Physically and mentally I felt a thousand percent better,” she said.

Nemecek also experienced a weight loss and said that she’s never going to give up burgers or pizza, but eats them in moderation

The business owners describe themselves as health coaches.

“Our mission is to get our community to live a healthier lifestyle,” Nemecek said. “Getting people results is what we do. We want people to feel amazing.”

Along with its products, EmPOWER UP in Chardon plans to offer free group fitness classes and weight loss challenges as well as other health motivating activities.

Nemecek, who also co-owns the Mentor location, and Burgett, claim that social media is an important driving force for success. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have helped to pass the word about the business and special offers are sometimes presented there.

Already a frequent customer, Debbie Lampeter of Mentor says she plans to shop there at least twice a week.

“It’s been wonderful,” she said. “I can’t get enough of the experience of coming here. The teas are really good.”

With an obvious upbeat attitude, Nemecek said “We always say it’s 75 degrees and sunny in the nutrition club.”

Store hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Another Herbalife nutrition club is planned to open in Madison in November.

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