Our group of food scientists specialize in a variety of services:

Literature Review Writing

Any research project requires a accurate knowledge of previous research. At foodeducator, because this review will be carried by seasoned food scientists, you can be confident that your project is executed by specialist in a niche field. We write literature review for academics in food science departments, food companies, research directors and reseach and development teams. You can contact us for a free quote here.

Food Writing Services

We specialize in writing blog posts and website content based on food. We also provide the right photography to go with it. Looking for a white paper written for your company or website? FoodEducator should be the best at it. As a group of published authors in the Journal of Food Science, Food Technology and many food industry handbooks, we know how to research for and find the right authoritative information for your project.

Food Analytics

The food industry is one of the largest and most vital industries in the world. It encompasses everything from producers and shipping companies, to grocers and restaurants. Through food analytics, you can be informed of current market trends. Get an overview of product news, current publications in the research and commercial fields, and the most important suppliers. We curate the most important news, trends and information affecting your industry to help make the most of the knowledge that is already around you.

Research Design

We provide research design and methodological support to students, researchers, businesses and small and medium scale food companies across across the United States. A team member who is an experienced reviewer with the Journal of food science will review and critique your process.

Nutritional Labeling Consulting

Food manufacturers need an experienced Food Technologist to review their application for USDA approval. We will ensure that the myriad of regulations, policies and unwritten expectations are met. This will prevent rejection of your label to avoid multiple delays and costly production interruptions.

food educator services


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