Understanding food science ‘from the farm gate to consumers’ plate’ – 702

Food science deals with all scientific aspects of food production – the processing of raw agricultural produce into food products that are acceptable for human consumption.

A food scientist has described the work as an attempt to make food last as long as possible without causing harm to you or have it taste awful.

Azania spoke to Food Science Department at Stellenbosch University chair Prof Gunnar Sigge about the field of study.

It’s not a ubiquitous discipline so there is only a few places where students may study food science, which is a little bit distressing if one thinks of how important food is in society and feeding the nation but we make do through the active institutions to churn out enough scientists.

Prof Gunnar Sigge, Chair – Food Science Department Stellenbosch University

Everything that happens to a food product or a food ingredient, from the farm gate until it reaches the consumers’ plate, is the area of food science, he explains.

We have a very strong connection with the primary production on the agricultural side, influencing the quality of that raw material or food product when it is ready to leave the farm.

Prof Gunnar Sigge, Chair – Food Science Department Stellenbosch University

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